This is the development version of Kanrisuru. Since this is still a pre-1.0 release, we don't recommend using this in system-critical production environments.



Change file mode bits in ruby
linux manual

Basic Usage

require 'kanrisuru'
host = '', username: 'ubuntu', keys: ['~/.ssh/id_rsa'])


result = host.chmod("~/test.txt", "600")



Field Type Description
path string
Required location of file / directory to update bits.
mode string
Required. If value is string, can take the format of a symbolic represenation, ie "-rwxrwxrwx", or a numeric value "777". If the value is an integer, it can the format of an octal format, 0o777. Note a normal integer will throw an error. Finally, a Kanrisuru::Mode instance can be used, which is a helper class for manipulating a file mode, see mode for more details.
recursive boolean
If path is a directory, recursively update all sub-directories and files to the specified file mode bits.


Returns a single FileStat struct.

FileStat Fields

Field Type Description
mode Kanrisuru::Mode The mode bits set for the file / directory.
blocks integer The number of blocks allocated for the file.
device string The major and minor device number combined into one value (in hex and decimal) of the device on which the file resides.
file_type string What's the file type, ie: directory, file, block_device, char_device, symlink
gid integer The group id in which the file belongs to.
group string The group name in which the file belongs to.
links integer Number of hard links pointing to the underlying inode.
inode integer Unique inode value assigned to the file
path string Where is the file located at
fsize integer Size of the file (in bytes)
uid integer The user id that owns the file
user string The user that owns the file
last_access DateTime When was the last time the file was accessed.
last_modified DateTime When was the last time the file was updated.
last_change DateTime When was the last time the file was changed.

Return Example

host.chmod("~/test.txt", 0o604).data
  fsize = 0,
  blocks = 0,
  device = "fc01",
  file_type = "regular empty file",
  gid = 1000,
  group = "ubuntu",
  inode = 361173,
  last_access = #<DateTime: 2021-08-23T23:43:19-05:00 ((2459451j,16999s,296770022n),-18000s,2299161j)>,
  last_changed = #<DateTime: 2021-08-24T00:10:21-05:00 ((2459451j,18621s,385906520n),-18000s,2299161j)>,
  last_modified = #<DateTime: 2021-08-23T23:43:19-05:00 ((2459451j,16999s,296770022n),-18000s,2299161j)>,
  links = 1,
  mode = #<Kanrisuru::Mode:0x1360 @numeric=604 @symbolic=-rw----r-->,
  path = "/home/ubuntu/test.txt",
  uid = 1000,
  user = "ubuntu"

Exit Status

Code Description
0 Success
1 Failure

Additional Examples

mode = host.stat("~/test-dir").mode

mode.symbolic = "drwxrwxr--"
mode = host.chmod("~/test-dir", mode).mode
#<Kanrisuru::Mode:0x1540 @numeric=774 @symbolic=drwxrwxr-->

mode.other.numeric = "0" 
host.chmod("~/test-dir", mode).mode
#<Kanrisuru::Mode:0x1560 @numeric=770 @symbolic=drwxrwx--->

Tested On

  • Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Fedora, Redhat, OpenSuse, SLES